Friday, July 9, 2010

A Bridal Shower

Yes, I am finally posting. It has been busy around these parts. More on that in another post. A couple of weeks ago I hosted, along with my s-i-l Julie, a bridal shower for my nephew's fiancee.
Her colors are cream, black and green. Below are pictures of decorations. ( sorry, not the best and I am not sure what setting I should have it on to make them enlarge. I also need a better camera.)
The first is the food table. My sister picked up the paper supplies for me at Hobby Lobby ( we do not have one here in Minnesota). Of course, no picture! ( That is the bad part of being the hostess and doing it by myself-NO TIME before hand) The plates were black and with white flowers, very modern flowers. My silverware was the green. I was excited to find some fabric that matched almost exact to my plates. I used the fabric on the food table and on the dining room table. I tried my best to stay in the black, white(cream) and green theme, with using what I already had. If look close, you can see the bride to be in the background behind my mother in law. ( don't worry I moved the kids chairs out before it all started. Guests came a little to early.)

Here is the centerpiece for the main table. I took clay pots and spray painted them a green. ( I got the paint at Lowes, but I cannot think of the color.) Then I used my trusty cricut and cut some letters using vinyl. I have another fun thing to create with. The vinyl is so fun to work with. Then I just went to my local nursery and bought some plants that I thought looked somewhat modern and wedding looking. They looked really nice in person, not so good in pics though. I filled some little crystal glasses with black, white and mint m& ms. Those were a hit but I am hear to tell you, very expensive treat. It is hard to tell but the white flowers around the pots are lit. They are from Michaels and they are Martha Stewart. ( I also thought they would be fun for birthday parties or hanging somewhere in Emma's room.) I also wrapped tule around the base to soften it a bit. You cannot see them in the pictures but I also scattered some diamond rings (courtesy of Wilton, $1.99) Very simple, but everyone loved how it looked.

These are the cupcakes. Julie got them from Walmart and they were yummy. Again, we tried to stick to our color theme. The cupcakes were chocolate with white frosting and the design was green. What we should have done was put a C on them ( the brides future last name)
O.k. my pics are out of order but I am too tired to move them around. Here is a close up of the food table. You can get a better look at the fabric.
From my kitchen light I hung diamond rings from sheer ribbon. Another hit of the guests.
Well, there you have it. Very simple decorations, but I was trying to spend too much money. It was a very nice shower and the bride to be loved everything so that is what matters the most. I am off to Chicago today. Jim is there on business.