Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family Room Christmas Tree

I am slowing going to show you Christmas at my house and yes, probably bore you.  This is more for me to remember how I decorated.  I will start with the family room tree.  It is a small tree, stands about 6 1/2 feet tall.  This is the tree with all the ornaments that mean something to me and the family.  I love the peppermint lights and candy canes.  This year I added the red and white ribbon.  I am enjoying the pop it brings to the tree.  So get ready for lots of tree pictures.

Tree at night

 I have done this tree topper for the last few years and I absolutely love it.  Most of the items I bought in Texas.  It just adds some whimsy to the tree.  The little wood ornament was made for me by the kids I babysat back in 1984.  I love that I can tell a story with some of the ornaments on my tree.  It was fun to tell the kids this year where some of the old ornaments came from and what they mean to me.

This little house was made by my brother Ross 30+ years ago.  I still love it and would like to have more.  It has a hole so a light from the tree can go in it.


The tree skirt is something I will keep forever.  My mom made it many years ago and I have always loved it but now I hold it a little more dear to my heart.  It will be fun to give it to my kids one day.


This last picture is just a little snippet of decorating on the t.v. console.  Love the picture that says 'At Christmas all roads lead home'.

So there you have a little glimpse of Christmas.  I have come to realize this year, that less is more and I will be getting rid of the stuff that holds no meaning and I have no space for.  I probably have 3 bins that I did not put out this year and it will be leaving my house.  Getting ready to purge a little.