Monday, November 15, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

On Saturday morning (early) we awoke to this!! Yep, snow!! It is the kind of snow that is extremely heavy and wet. The flakes were huge and it was really coming down. Very pretty. Evan was so excited and he thought Santa was coming. Too cute.

Here is another shot looking from the house to the lake.
Sorry to bore you with tree pictures but it was so pretty hanging from the trees.

Another landscape picture.

After lunch ( and before naps) we decided to bundle the kids up and head outside. They loved it for a while. Emma kept eating the snow. It brought back memories of me doing that when I was a kid. Then she proceeded to take her hat and mittens off, so in we went.

Evan thought it was fun but he didn't like the snow hitting his face. Just imagine those big flakes hitting your face. He kept saying my eyes hurt. The snow was melting in his eyes. Do you notice the hat Laura? The funny thing is, he has both hats you crocheted on. He thinks it's fun to wear them at the same time.
This is our pathetic attempt at a snow man. Jim went a little crazy dressing it up, but Evan really enjoyed it. ( Remember I had to bring Emma in by this point.) The snowman is quickly melting away. A lot of the snow is melting although the ground is still white. Hopefully we will get some warmer weather to melt more of it. We have an outside project that needs to get done.

Well all this snow put me in the mood for Christmas. So on Sunday I put my very small tree up in my family room. It houses all the ornaments I have received or collected over the years ( and ones we have purchased). I still need to add a little more to the top but I am liking the way it turned out. I still have to add the tree skirt but I have not gotten any of my bins out yet.

Happy decorating!! Once Emma's party is done I will be in full Christmas mode. Can't wait for both!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Yes, it has been a long time but I thought I would give this blog thing another try. So I thought starting with the holidays would be a great time to do it. I realize that I should have posted all summer but it just didn't happen.

Well the day before Halloween we carved our pumpkins. The kids thought it was fun except for cleaning out the pumpkin. Emma thought it was fun to put the stuff back in.

Here I am with the kiddos. Oops.... we forgot to turn the pumpkin around for the picture. Evan was really into the skull thing for some reason. Daddy just had to add it to the picture.

Halloween day was a perfect day for this region. Not a cloud in the sky, no winds, cool and crisp. Just like a fall day should be. ( I know you in other warmer climates disagree but we like it like this in the north land.) Here is Emma in her costume. Emma was a cookie. She hates to wear things on her head and you can forget about putting anything on her face. So I tried to find the easiest costume there was. (not to mention overpriced)

Here is Evan in his costume. He went as Thomas the Train. Although the day before he really wanted to be a ghost. But he quickly forgot about that. He was so excited to get candy!!!

All in all in was a great Halloween!! The kids really got it this year and it was fun to watch. Now I need I need to shed a few pounds ( well more) from all the candy I consumed.