Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tickled Pink!!! (Part 2)

Here are more pictures of the party. I thought it would be fun to do a craft and have a keepsake to take home. The older 2 girls and Evan had a good time doing this craft. ( For some reason I cannot download more than 5 pictures, so I don't have all the letters posted, but they all turned out cute.

Emma's way of saying "cheese" when we take a picture. It is cute, but hard to get a good picture.

Here is Evan, the only boy. He was having a great time. I think he will like parties.
Here is Rachel showing off her finished "R". She was very specific as to where she wanted things. It was so cute. It was also her birthday in a few days and she thought (at first) that maybe the party was for her. How cute!!!!

Here is Sarah showing her finished product. What I did was paint all the letters beforehand and then the kids decorated them with stickers, ribbons and flowers. Some items of course where hot glued on (by an adult of course). This is Evan doing his letter. I did not paint his letter. I thought it would be cute to leave his as is. He had so much fun putting his stickers on. It was cute, he would put them all in the same area, so I would have to rotate the letter to get them in different areas. He did not want to stop doing it. Maybe a future artist or crafter on my hands.

All in all it was a very nice party. Sheila and I had a very relaxing time (once I got Emma settled and the kids had lunch). We sipped on raspberry tea and actually had time to chat without kids always interrupting.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tickled Pink!!!

I know, I know, it has been a long time......and I have no excuses. I guess I am lazy. Life has been good and not much happening. However, a few weeks ago Emma and Evan hosted a "Tickled" Pink party to our friends Sarah, Rachel and Naomi and of course their mom, Sheila, came as well. I will spread the pictures out over the next few days. The first series are the table decorations. Of course, most everything was pink. Poor Evan, all that pink. He had a great time. However, his sister was a big crab the entire time. Pretty typical!!
Here is the table and the all the decor. It was nice to only have one little area to decorate.

The two older girls had their very own place setting. They absolutely loved the glass slipper and were so excited that they could bring it home. My wands did not turn out the way I wanted them too but oh well.
I made ants on a log and dyed the cream cheese pink. (thanks Sue) The girls thought that was pretty neat. I bought raspberry tea cookies at Target and they were so good. I also made pinwheels (again, thanks Sue). They were made with white bread and raspberry preserves. The tablecloth is from my Grandma. She did all the stitching on it. I believe it was all pre-printed on the cloth. None the less, I love it and will cherish it always.
This is a view looking down on the table. I also served chocolate fondue with bananas, pretzels, raspberries and shortcake. The flowers where from my garden. I filled some jars with candy. Boy is hard to find pink candy!!
Another view looking down at the table. The older 2 girls thought this was a pretty neat party. After all, it was really for them. The little ones really didn't care too much and Emma, well, in time will love a party like this.

Next time I will post the craft that we did.

I would also like to congratulate my niece, Jessica, on the birth of her son Jackson. He is a cutie and I cannot wait to see him in September.