Sunday, February 22, 2009

We love a good book in our house

As you all may know, Emma loves, loves her books.  Well her little brother is showing signs of his love for books (or maybe he just wants to be like his big sister).  Well I had to share these pics because it was so gosh darn cute.  (We had a busy Friday-art, signing and reading.)

We hope you all had a great weekend.  We did.  Jim and I got to escape for a night on the town and stayed overnight in Minneapolis.  Thank you Joni for watching our kids.  The kids did so well for her.  It sure makes it easy to get away when you know they are in good hands.  

We also did a little more house hunting and fell in love ( and I mean in love) with a house in Liberty.  For those of you not familiar with Liberty, it is a cute community in Stillwater and the houses are all different looking on the outside and in.  WE need to sell our  house.  We are missing out on so many jewels, well maybe a couple.  This house that we love has exactly everything we want to fit all our needs.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  We will keep you up to date on our house hunting/selling.

Trying our hand at art!

Well, we tried to do art today.  Now this is not any easy task.  One wants to eat the markers and the other wants to throw the paper on the floor out of sheer frustration.  Can you guess who ate the marker?
Here they are trying to do art work.  
look at the concentration.   It lasted for about 1 minute.

Just one way to kill the winter time blues being stuck inside the house again.

How do you say cracker?

In our house, this is how you say cracker/cookie..

Then of course, you have to reward them for asking for it.

To cute.  Evan can even do the sign so that is fun too.  They both say it as they sign it.  It is making life easier now that they are signing and trying to say the words.  Much more to learn, but we are getting there.  ( we were doing art on this day, that is why the smock.  I will do a different post for that because I really don't like moving all the pictures around.)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How do you like your bread?

What do you get when you leave a 1 year old alone in the kitchen for 30 second?

You get this.....

and this!!  

Emma joined in but for some reason I didn't get that picture.  What a mess.  At least he ate some of it.  (Why is it every time I wash my floor, the kids get into food and make a mess on my floor?)

Sorry I have been out of touch.  Not much happening here in frigid MN.  This has been such a long winter and we are stuck in a rut.  Looking for ideas to entertain my kids that doesn't involve germs.  

I will try to do better with posts next week.  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We are still here......

Sorry for no posts lately.  We have all been under the weather this past week.  Jim was in Arizona for his National Sales Meeting and I was home alone for six days with 2 sick kids.  Emma had croup and an ear infection and really had no appetite.  Not fun!!!  Then Evan and I got sick on the weekend with terrible colds and we are both still not feeling great.  Head congestion and coughing.  My house is in desperate need of a deep clean, maybe by the weekend.  

I did, however, find time to do what I love to do lately and that is doing crafts.  I created some simple Valentine's crafts.  Here is a picture of what I did.
I also captured some goofy smiling kids during our week of sickness.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday sweet Evan

It's hard to believe that my baby boy is one.  I am not sure where that first year went, but it sure went quick.  We celebrated Evan's birthday on January 31st so we kind of feel like we already had his birthday.  Of course, when he is older (like next year) I will have to do something special on his day. This year however, we are hanging at home ( Mom, Emma and Evan).  We are all sick and it's hard to do anything when you have sick kids.  ( o.k. I tried to post photo's here and they posted at the top.  Frustrating and not in order)

The pics are from the party.  The first is Evan riding in his very first tonka truck.  He loves that truck and so does Emma.  That is Evan's cousin Colby.  The next two are self explanatory. 

So hats off to the birthday boy.  We love you Evan.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Please be patient

O.k.  I am new to this whole blog thing.  I read plenty of them but not sure how to one on my own.  Hopefully this will give you all a snapshot into our lives.  I will do my best to update and share pictures with everyone who wants to read our blog.  So here we go........