Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Eve

Yes, I know Christmas is long over but I am just getting to some pictures. I am not sure where January is going but it does seem to be flying by. We had a wonderful Christmas season, but I am glad to be done. The decorations are put away and the house feels so clean now. Oh how I love the Christmas decorations though. First up I thought I would share my Christmas Eve table. I was very happy with how it turned out. Every Christmas Eve we spend it with my 3 brothers, all of whom are single. So here is the table set for 5. Emma and Evan sat at one end but I didn't put out the good stuff for them. I am also pretty certain that my brothers wouldn't care it I set a fancy table so I strictly do this for me and Jim. (thank goodness he likes things like this.) On my buffet you can kind of see part of my snow village. For some reason, I cannot find the other half to my village. It looked very pretty in person.

Here is a view from one end of the table. ( I forgot to remove the price from the poinsettia, oops.)

Here is a close-up of the table setting. Nothing to fancy.

A close up. I did birds with candle holders and my crystal pieces that were wedding gifts. I just love the hurricanes. I used part good china and part every day. It seems when my brothers are here something gets broken or spilled. Thankfully nothing broke but Emma pulled the table cloth and one of the votives splashed onto the tablecloth. I hope it will come out. This happened last year but that was done by one of my brothers. Aargh..... Oh well, always a memory.

Here is Scott. He never can give you a normal smile.

Here is Emma with Dad. Not sure what her look is but she just got some ice cream toys and loved them. Funny how all her uncles remembered another niece getting these exact ones a few years ago. I was impressed that they remembered!
I just love this picture. Evan was so into his toys and when he opened this one he got so excited and it made us all laugh. Evan and Todd had a lot of fun together that night.

Another hit was the recordable books from Auntie Sue. Emma especially loves her book. She was just reading it again today and is beginning to memorize the story. I am very proud of her and these books are a hit. I will have to get more of them for her.

Sorry, more Christmas pictures are coming. January isn't a very exciting month for pictures so bear with me.