Monday, December 20, 2010

Meeting the guy in the red suit!!!!

Well we did it. We braved meeting Santa this year. We talk about it all the time but they are always afraid to just meet him. Well, this year at the District Education Center ( the same place Emma goes to preschool) the local American Legion holds a Christmas party for the kids in the area and Santa comes. I was excited that Mrs. Claus was there too. She looked great, Santa, well he needed a little work. Anyways, it was a great because there was no one there. We walked into the room and Evan spotted Santa and was very nervous but he noticed that Santa had candy canes. Oh how he wanted one. Santa said "you need to come see me first". Up he went on his lap. He was so nervous the whole time. (Emma was still working on getting her coat off.) Sorry, the picture is blurry but you can see Evan was a little scared.

This picture shows his expression more clearly. HE really wanted to get down but he sat there for a few minutes.

In comes Emma and she walks right up to Mrs. Claus and sits on her lap. It was very sweet.

I am pretty sure Emma is telling Mrs. Claus a thing or too. Evan, still scared.

Well Santa wanted her to sit on his lap so up I put her and she was a little nervous too but sat there enough to get some pictures. Overall I thought they did great. They also had balloons and homemade cookies. The kids loved the cookies.

Here are a few pictures of my kitchen. I hope to post more of my decorating throughout the week.
Close up of the hutch in the kitchen. I did snowmen and red and green in the kitchen/family room area. Very happy with it.
Another view of the hutch from a distant.
Well we are in for another big snowstorm today, possibly another 5-8 inches. YUCK!!! It is going to be a VERY long winter. If we get another 12 inches (including todays storm) we will hit a new record for snowfall in December. Isn't that something to be proud of? NOT!!!!


  1. Love the pics of the kids with Santa. Those are great and Evan does look a little nervous, but what he won't do for sugar!! That's my nephew!! The kitchen looks great, I'll bet you got that cute canister at Home Goods? You'll be able to keep that up all January. {hate to tell you it was in the low 80's today. I was really hot shopping!}

  2. I did get that cute canister at Home Goods. I wish I would have bought more that day. They had lots of cute stuff.

  3. Oh my goodness - the kids did fantastic! Evan's nervous face is so precious. Your decorating is beatiful - I also love the canisters. I can't get over the snow - I would NEVER leave the house!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! So nice to meet another Minnesota blogger! I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog~ your children are adorable and I really enjoyed the post about your daughter's birthday! The book party idea was wonderful! I'm looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower, too!