Friday, March 4, 2011


Dreaming!!! Yes, that is what I am doing today. It is what you do when you have had 5, yes 5, months of snow. I am really sick of looking at this view EVERY day (and of course the water is completely frozen too). And there is no end in sight. It sounds like we are going to get another significant snowfall early next week. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! (can you tell the winter blues have set in?) Minnesota can be very pretty but for me after Christmas the snow can go. I want to see green grass and flowers blooming.

So dreaming I do. I would much rather see this view (weeds and all) than snow. I want my kids to play in the sand and run barefoot ( oh wait, I want that too.)

I want to garden and look at all the pretty flowers!

But most of all, I want these beauties to bloom again. It is a sure sign that spring is here and warmer days are ahead.

Oh how I love peonies! I cannot wait to plant more in our spring project. More to come on that when all the snow is gone ( it could be May).
What are you dreaming of?


  1. I can't say I feel your pain, because it is 75 and sunny here!! But I am jealous of your peonies. I think they are my favorite flower, I will have to plant some at the cabin I think.
    Here's hoping your snow melts fast!

  2. I'm dreaming of the day when you guys move down here to Texas!!! :)