Saturday, August 20, 2011

Too much RAIN

NOTE ** this is more of a post for my memory**

While most areas having been dealing with heat and no rain, here in the upper midwest we have had plenty of rain. We have also had lots of humidity due to all the moisture in the air.

A few weeks ago we had yet another storm. This one came in the early morning, around 5 a.m. I was sound asleep and awoke to a noise. I thought to myself, is that the wind?! I rolled over to discover that the power had gone out and came back on. So I thought maybe that was what I heard, you know, all the noise that is there when we have power but don't realize until you have no power. So I went back to bed. Well Evan and I got up around 6:30 did our usual morning routine. I went to open the blinds and the front door and this is what I saw!! A HUGE tree branch had landed on our side walk. Thankfully missing the garage. It doesn't look too large, but trust me it was.

Of course I went out to see the damage and heard chainsaws. My neighbors to the right of me lost 2 giant trees in their front yard. One of which was covering his driveway. Thankfully they had no damage either. They also have 2 cars that are parked in the driveway nightly. Here is there mess.

This is looking from behind my garage to their house. Another tree lost. They also lost a 2 huge trees by the lake. One hitting their dock but not their boat.

When I came back to our house I notice this tree on the side of your house uprooted. I sleep on that side. I am so glad the wind went the way it did. Thankfully we didn't lose any more trees. That tree is large but our precious pines held it up. One received a lot of damage. Another thing, these are crappy trees so we were glad to see it go.

This is just another big branch down in the yard. We had several of these type of branches down in our backyard as well.

The only good thing about all the rain is that our lake has come up a lot this year. We have been is such a low moisture pattern for a long time. IT is definitely very lush and very buggy!! YUCK!

I think it was determined that we had straight line winds but it looks like a tornado to me. There were only 3 houses with major tree damage or loss. Our house and the ones on either side of us.

One thing I learned through all this is that people are really kind and want to help. The hubby was out of town and I was home alone with 2 little ones and trying to clean up a mess. Both neighbors, who lost trees, came to help me clean up. One even cut up the big branch so we could use the sidewalk. Be kind to your neighbors. You never know when you may need them.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is CRAZY! I'm glad you all didn't have any damage to your houses! If only you could send some of that rain down here! We'll send some of our sun and heat up to you! :)

  2. Can't believe another post. Please send us the rain - not the wind! I'm glad the tree that fell was one you didn't like. That helps.

  3. soo glad you were all ok though! We have big winds here and worry about our large pine trees. Your yard area and is soo pretty and green...I miss tht. cherry

  4. That must have been some windstorm! I'm so glad you guys are all ok and you had some wonderful neighbors to help you out!