Thursday, September 5, 2013

Evan's 1st day of Kindergarten

My mind is confused, I feel lost.  My little buddy started kindergarten today.  I need to figure out my new normal.  I am excited for him to start school but I am sad that my little buddy isn't home with me.  He kept me company and was my companion on so many errands and other fun things.  I will miss him  (and Emma too).  But I know he is so eager to learn and I am eager for him to continue to grow.  He is so smart and I know he will have a great year.
Nervous for school, sister is coming to check on him
I am a little scared, Mom.
A little happier and showing off his new backpack.  

I worry, for him, because he was so nervous and scared to start.  He woke up at midnight screaming and crying.  It broke my heart.  He even got a little teary at the bus stop.  I know he will miss me too.  But it is time for him to spread his wings just a little more.  I am already anxiously waiting for 4:15 when my kiddos will come home.

Waiting for the bus, a little nervous.
 Well it is time to figure out what to do with myself.  Watch out house, here I come.


  1. He will do wonderfully ~ I'm glad his buddy Jacob is in his class. Can't wait to hear how you spent your first day of freedom.

  2. I just read my mom's comment-that's awesome that his friend is in his class! I'm sure Evan will do great-he looks so cute and grown up in your pictures!

  3. Oh wow, can't believe the time is here where Evan is in Kinder! I hope your first day home alone was great, can't wait to hear what house projects you did! :)