Thursday, November 19, 2009


It is hard for me to believe that my sweet little angel turned 4 yesterday! I reflected back on the day she was born and the days that followed in the Special Care Unit. It seems like yesterday that we were living the life of daily visits and the worry of when she would come home and today she continues to amaze me ( and wear me out) every day.

On Tuesday, Emma's preschool class had a little birthday celebration. We brought the class cupcakes ( Joni made them for us). Parents are welcome to come in for the celebration. It was nice that Jim and I both were able to go. We brought Evan of course.

Here are the cute cupcakes. We had enough to share with Emma's Wednesday class too.

Before snack time, the class had music time. It was cute how they all sat in a circle and I was so impressed how Emma sat for the entire time. She really participated with finger play.

After music time, it was time for Emma's celebration. All the kids go to their tables with their little place mats with their names on them. So cute.

Here is Emma enjoying her treat. Most of the kids looked like this after their snack. Emma is saying cheese. What a goof ball.

After snack they kids get back in the circle for story time or in this case to honor the birthday girl. She wore her crown for a few seconds. The teacher on the left is her preschool teacher, Ms. Kathy and the one of the right is her special ed teacher, Mary Jo.

We made a board of Emma's family. I stuck a few pictures of various family members. She named everyone in the picture. After that Jim read her favorite story. Emma really enjoyed it and would either sign words or say them after Jim would read. It was so sweet.

This is what Evan did almost the entire time. He loved playing and really didn't want to leave. Especially when Emma and her classmates went outside to play. I think he will be ready for school when the time comes.

Here is Emma waiting for the bus on her actual birthday. She knows to hold on to her backpack and we wait for the bus. The bus driver calls her smiley. She is usually very happy on the bus. That makes me very happy.
O.K. so here is a sneak peek into the kitchen. It has been what feels like forever but things are finally coming together. We got the granite and the upper cabinets installed today. Tomorrow will be the tile, some painting and more cabinet work ( I think). Next week will be the final coat on the flooring and the following week should be the wrap of week and the painting should get done as well. I really love how things are looking. I hope to someday get all the before and afters posted.


  1. Love love love the pics of Emma. She is such a big girl!! I, too, can't believe how far she has come in 4 years. Can't wait to see all of you.

    The kitchen looks fabulous. I am jealous.

  2. Happy Birthday Emma! It looks like she had such a fun time, I can't believe how grown up she looks! I showed the pictures to the kids and Elizabeth said who's that little girl? I told her Emma and she didn't even recognize her with her big girl hair cut and all. We are all so excited to see you guys in a few days!!!!

  3. 3444rtrrrzsxsssssssaa
    Happy Birthday, Emma
    (that message was from Ben!)

    happy birthday emma!
    (Elizabeth actually typed that herself for Emma)
    We love you Emma!