Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A sweet pillow

I just had to post the cute pillow I had made for me for Emma's room. I am collecting "Now I lay me down to sleep" samplers for her room. I found this one on Etsy and just fell in love. It was a huge piece of fabric but we cut it down to fit into a pillow. I found fabric for the back and the cute trim at Hobby Lobby while I was in Texas. Here is the finished product.

Here is a close up of the pillow. The little girl is so sweet and the stitching is so neat to me. I also thought the girl looked like Emma. The fabric behind her is Emma's quilt. I am doing a vintage look in her room.

Here is a close-up of the adorable trim I found. I just love this trim and wish I would have bought the whole bolt. I would love to trim a lamp shade in this too.

More to come on her room once I finish painting her bed and a cabinet and rearranging her room a little. I also may try to some type of craft for her room too. I know, hard to believe, but I really want to craft more. Especially after seeing all the fun things my nieces do.


  1. Love the pillow, it's beautiful!! That trim is too, you said you found that at Hobby Lobby? SO cute, I've never seen anything like it!

  2. Oh, and you need to post a picture of your new craft room. I already loved your last one and I've heard I'm going to be jealous when I see this one!

  3. I really think that pillow wants to live in Texas ~

  4. Sue-that would be a negative!!

    Jessica- when I get the room cleaned and organized I will take some pictures. It may be awhile.

  5. First - I also want to see the new craft room!! I will be so jealous! Also, that pillow is adorable - and that trim - awesome!!! I haven't seen that either!