Thursday, February 19, 2009

How do you like your bread?

What do you get when you leave a 1 year old alone in the kitchen for 30 second?

You get this.....

and this!!  

Emma joined in but for some reason I didn't get that picture.  What a mess.  At least he ate some of it.  (Why is it every time I wash my floor, the kids get into food and make a mess on my floor?)

Sorry I have been out of touch.  Not much happening here in frigid MN.  This has been such a long winter and we are stuck in a rut.  Looking for ideas to entertain my kids that doesn't involve germs.  

I will try to do better with posts next week.  


  1. How funny! They do get into trouble quickly, don't they?

  2. hilarious -- ask Jessica about a 2yr old and a marker!!

  3. It looks like Evan found a great way to entertain himself! I don't know how you do it, if we are inside even one full day I am pulling at my hair trying to figure out what we can do!

    And yes, be careful of the markers. I left Cooper alone for one minute and he wrote on 4 different walls, our couch, MY PURSE (that was the worst, at least it's on the bottom) and various other little places. Oops, I guess I learned my lesson!