Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Please be patient

O.k.  I am new to this whole blog thing.  I read plenty of them but not sure how to one on my own.  Hopefully this will give you all a snapshot into our lives.  I will do my best to update and share pictures with everyone who wants to read our blog.  So here we go........


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  2. Cute! I am so excited that you have started a blog! I will check frequently.

  3. Thanks for the B'day party Saturday.
    good cake.
    Happy real Bday to Evan feb06, great kid.
    who's Bday is next?
    mine is feb24
    I'm fine, you like pony?

  4. So, I learned 3 things here;
    When commenting, they want ID, here SteveM
    also, there is an extra step when submitting comment; verify the secret letters; this prevents automated responses, etc
    also, Amy needs to approve comment before posting.
    I supposse that's OK

  5. Love the picture of the family